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Theoretical Exploration on Organic Metabolism and Substance Cycle (1)

--To investigate the assorted contradictions within the two kingdom system principle and take a look at transiting to 3 kingdom system principle Summary: The rise of microbiology didn't convey a corresponding reform within the fundamental principle of life science, however resulted in varied marked contradictions within the conventional two kingdom system principle and requested it to strategy to 3 kingdom system principle. Matter needs to maneuver and microorganisms wish to be liberated, that could be a technique drawback within the fundamental principle of life sciences that we've got to face and to unravel urgently above all.  On the idea of details, a breakthrough level and methodology would determine the breadth and depth of the exploration, and likewise determine the success and failure. Firstly, the truth mirrored that some inorganic and natural substances have already introduced their three bodily, chemical and chemicalized phases or states within the their motion, and likewise the chemicalized inorganic and natural substances have already been the distinctive stage or state of fabric motion (this stage or state is at all times ignored by the theories area). Secondly, the differentiation of practical substances from odd natural substances and the comparability of them with microorganisms uncovered that solely microorganisms might synthesize the practical substances and microorganisms had been the true promoter of biochemical reactions, in order to supply an vital foundation for us to discover why the substances would transfer, why the substances would transfer together with the organic chain and what relationship it could be between substance motion and organic metabolism. Thirdly, a brand new understanding of in vivo and in vitro, the restoration of chloroplasts and the investigation of the producing modes of inorganic ions, they revealed there was a transitional house for the pretreatment of the required substances of each crops and animals, and found that solely microorganisms might immediately relate to inorganic and natural substances, and crops and animals might solely not directly relate to inorganic and natural substances respectively. In consequence, the microorganisms "to point out each plant and animal traits" shaped a particular kingdom and that gave a brand new foundation for the classification of residing issues. Fourthly, by tracing the whereabouts of autotrophic microorganisms, it found the error on probably the most basic classification of microorganisms within the conventional principle, which brought on the autotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms had been divorced from the unity of opposites, and in the meantime uncovered that the classification of "producers, customers and decomposers" was a basic mistake. Fifthly, a desk reflecting the precise software of the normal principle instructed us that the majority the phrases within the organic metabolism and substance cycle had been unsuitable, disclosing that the issues weren't in piles, however all over the place. Sixthly, on the idea of ascertaining that the normal principle clearly misplaced autotrophic / heterotrophic microorganisms, the details illustrated efficiently the start and finish of organic cycle of drugs and made animals topic to crops, treating animals as a department of crops. Seventhly, built-in realities and varied experimental outcomes, it summarized the precise conditions of the microbial, plant and animal metabolism and substance cycle with a desk, which precisely mirrored the three phases and states of the fabric motion, overcome the "cluttered" phenomenon of assorted substances, and mirrored the metabolism amongst three kingdoms of residing issues linking each other, the residing issues and substances interdependent and the substance cycle pushed easily by organic metabolism. Eighthly, the listing additionally mirrored the true organic chain clearly.   There isn't any building with out destruction, and the destruction and building themselves are a paradoxical unity. Based mostly on the criticism to the normal principle, this paper accomplished easily a attempt to transit to the three kingdom system principle.  Textual content Essentially the most important attribute of life is "residing", and its most important attribute is metabolism. The metabolism of life would immediately contain a collection of points comparable to substance transformation and cycle and many others. Subsequently, the research of metabolism is probably the most fundamental matter to discover the life sciences.  Nonetheless, on an exploration of organic metabolism and substance cycle by the particular strategies of a brand new understanding of in vivo and in vitro, the restoration of the unique state of chloroplasts in addition to the investigation of the manufacturing modes of inorganic ions with the legislation of the unity of opposites, it could uncover some contradictions between the truth and the fundamental principle of present life sciences, which had been unable to mirror the target actuality of the organic metabolism and substance cycle. And these contradictions are too giant and too removed from the truth to be hardly imagined.  It's a full course of to find contradictions, analyze contradictions and resolve contradictions. Since found the contradictions, it signifies that we've got began analyzing them, and laid a basis to additional analyze them, and in the meantime additionally may provide an opportunity for us to have a attempt to resolve them.  1. Institution of latest ideas  The institution of latest ideas not solely may assist us to research and uncover the assorted contradictions within the conventional principle, but additionally is the required preparations in transition to the three kingdom system principle.  1.1. Annotation of nouns  1.1.1.Varied states of inorganic and natural substances throughout their motion  Though matter is at all times in fixed movement, it could come right into a relative relaxation in its fixed movement and preserve a comparatively steady chemical kind. As soon as this chemical kind is destroyed, it could break the relative relaxation, make it into one other kind and trigger it to have a chemical change. As soon as its chemical kind is damaged and constantly managed and utilized by residing issues, it could transfer alongside the course of organic cycle of drugs. It isn't tough to search out within the exploration that life and matter are in an reverse and untied relation within the organic cycle of drugs. Matter is the bottom for the existence of life and life depends upon matter; and matter would consistently change its kind due to the metabolism of life and the matter movement depends upon the life movement.  In keeping with the reflection of actuality and varied experiments, some states of drugs involving in organic metabolism have already existed now, and likewise made up their each stage of their motion, however the division of their phases has not been held and the assorted states of drugs of their motion haven't their corresponding identify, which grew to become a state of affairs that some substances have "existed the truth is however not in identify" and the present ideas are unable to mirror the fabric motion precisely. The truth of organic metabolism and substance cycle ask us to need to divide the phases of fabric motion and to have to call their life like states throughout their motion, as a way to mirror their precise motion.  ① Bodily inorganic substances and bodily natural substances. Bodily inorganic substances, which might be the pure substances within the inorganic world, imply the bodily substances current within the inorganic world, which might be in a relative steady state within the pure setting, comparable to minerals, daylight and air. Bodily natural substances, which might be the pure substances within the natural world, imply the bodily substances current within the natural world, which might even be in a relative steady state within the pure setting, comparable to plant physique and animal physique.  ② Chemical inorganic substances and chemical natural substances. Chemical inorganic substances imply the chemical state of physicalinorganicsubstances, that are equal to the inorganic substances referred to as now, comparable to mineral parts and carbon dioxide and many others. Chemical natural substances imply the chemical state of bodily natural substances, that are equal to the natural substances referred to as now, comparable to carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and organicminerals.  Observe: At current, crops are sometimes referred to as natural substances in some educating supplies and reference supplies, however there are some variations right here between crops and natural substances. ⑴ the plant physique reveals its bodily property and the natural substances present its chemical property; ⑵ the natural substances are the overall identify of the chemical compositions of plant and animal substances, not merely imply crops. To satisfy the folks's conventional practices, this paper would name crops as natural substances typically in some immaterial locations.  ③ Chemicalized inorganic substances and chemicalized natural substances. Chemicalized inorganic substances meanthechemical inorganic substances acquired a chemical change, such because the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen ions and mineral ions (name all of them inorganic ions on this paper). Chemicalized natural substances imply the chemical natural substances acquired a chemical change, comparable to monosaccharide, fatty acid, amino acid and organicminerals (as a result of wanting the corresponding information, the chemicalization process of the organicminerals wouldn't be investigated on this paper).  In consequence, the substances kind three shifting phases respectively within the inorganic and natural worlds, that are the bodily, chemical and chemicalized phases, and kind … [Read more...]